Scarlattiana [skɑrˈlɑt tiˈæn ə] plural noun 1. a collection, belonging or pertaining to Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757), renowned Italian composer and harpsichordist.

Portrait of Domenico Scarlatti by Domingo Antonio Velasco (1738)

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Do not expect, be you Dilettante or Professor, to find in these compositions any profound Learning, but rather an ingenious Jesting with the Art, to develop your mastery of the Harpsichord. Neither Considerations of Interest, nor Visions of Ambition, but only Obedience moved me to publish them. Perhaps they will be agreeable to you; then all the more gladly will I obey other Commands to please you in an easier and more varied style. Show yourself then more human than critical, and thereby increase your own Pleasure. To designate the position of the Hands, be advised that D indicates the Right, and M the left : Live happily.”

Domenico Scarlatti
(preface to essercizi per gravicembalo)

Performed by David Louie on a Portuguese single-manual harpsichord by Robert Hicks after an 1780 instrument by Joze Calisto. 30 Sonatas (Libro 2).

Portrait of Princess Maria Barbara of Portugal, pupil of Scarlatti, by Domenico Duprà (1725)